F1 | Silverstone GP – THE POINT

The British weekend in Silverstone offered us a fascinating and animated grand prix influenced by the weather conditions. We saw numerous duels and mistakes made by different drivers. Once again, Charlie Whiting decided to start the race behind the safety-car. Honestly, in my opinion it seems an exasperated decision. I could understand if we were in a preliminary championship where there are boys who have to cut their teeth, but this Formula 1 overdoes safety.

Unfortunately, the standings is still under decision because of the team radio transmission received by Nico Rosberg. After informing his engineers about the problem at the gearshift, the team gave him some suggestions to resolve the problem. In my opinion, his situation is different from Hamilton’s one because the latter has asked the procedure to solve the problem in an explicit way. So I do not agree with a potential penalization against the driver. We must be careful to avoid damaging Formula 1 with unreasonable rules. If we have radio, using them should be ok, especially in such a highly evolved Formula 1.

As we anticipated in recent days, we had a Red Bull at its best that managed to trouble the Mercedes with an extraordinary Verstappen, protagonist in one of the most beautiful 2016 overtakings against Rosberg. Max is proving all his qualities and could be an extra unknown for the Ferrari that shown its problems in Great Britain.Apart from the power-unit, its frame and aerodynamic problems are clear. Next events (Hungary and Germany) could be favorable to Maranello, but honestly, I see an up-and-up Red Bull. The fifth and ninth place are not enough, they made some mistakes.

It is to be applauded the feedback of the British audience because the circuit was sold-out. Great Britain is becoming the real motorsport homeland. After some difficult years and many improvement in the circuit structure, fans were back to see the F1 show and were rewarded with Lewis Hamilton’s win, who deserves a 10 in his scorecard for the weekend.

* After the race, commissioners gave a 10” penalty to Nico Rosberg who is now in third position. P2 for Max Verstappen.