F1 | Silverstone ready to give up. Minardi «A worrying alarm-bell»

If a circuit like Silverstone is thinking to leave the Circus of F1, in spite of its last years’s “sold out” there is something wrong in the system. It is an alarm bell very worrisome that we should face seriously.

We are talking abour an historic circuit with a great passionate and expert audience that fills up the platforms and the fields.We saw it last year, during the British grand prix won by their home champion Lewis Hamilton.

If in a reality like Silverstone the numbers do not add up, the system created by Ecclestone creaks dangerously. The same is true for Canada that would not payed yet.

Mr. Ecclestone denys any troubles since the governments would have the commitment to intervene to heal the accounts, and since F1 can do without Europe. Unfortunately, the Malaysian state (sponsor of Sepang’s grand prix) decided to leave F1 because it wouldn’t be a good investment.

We have to review the system giving more commercial spaces to the circuits, spaces useful to preserve the balance and renew the facilities. Going on along this way, they risk the collapse. The suffering circuits are increasing and the new ones don’t seem a guaranty. We have to remember that the roots of this sport are deeply-rooted in Europe along with the passion of its fan.