F1 – Year-end scorecards: TEAMS

In these last 2015 days, before embracing the new year, along with Gian Carlo Minardi we wanted to give our scorecards to the protagonists of F1 World Championship ended with Mercedes supremacy. We start today with the stables. Obviously the highest score goes to:

MERCEDES -9 they deserve the highest score of the classroom because they destroyed their competitors. But their three gifts to Ferrari have prevented them from gaining 10.

FERRARI – 8 they really did a lot to reach the “Silver Arrows”, even if the path is very long. Three seasonal successes and numerous podia were perhaps an unhoped result early in the year. Vettel, Raikkonen and the whole team were very skilled at overtaking their competitors and regaining the second place among Constructors.

WILLIAMS – 7,5 due to the third place in the standings, even if they would deserve something less for their decline compared to 2014. It is a characteristic of the English system and especially of Williams. After a positive season along which their arrears have been smoothed out, they conquered the third step of the podium with a minimum effort, defending also their wallet.

FORCE INDIA – 7,5 they have been makers of a wonderful championship ended in fifth. Despite their history as a “little” team, they closed a growing season. Surely it is a positive signal to both Perez and Hulkenberg in view of 2016.

RED BULL and TORO ROSSO – 7 Unfortunately, the engine reliability and the frame troubles have limited Verstappen and Sainz. Differently they would at least have been able to overtake Lotus. Red Bull has payed its arrogance and gab dearly. Their attitude cost more than they have been able to gain thanks to their fourth world place.I hope for them that they can be helped by Renault and get back on top, but certainly they must change the way they approach this sport, which is not just business.

LOTUS – 7 due to the misadventures thatthey faced just to reach the end of the season. Luckily They were rescued by Renault. This vote is due to the unexpected sixth place and to their reacting against the most difficult moment. Working with the worry of judges and seizures is certainly not easy.

SAUBER – 6 due to my affection. They started good, but unfortunately they lost themselves. They have never been effective.

MCLAREN – 4 perhaps because of Honda. We hope that this winter brings some advices, even if the path is surely uphill.

MANOR – NC they found incentives to resist. Being just 10 member teams, also them have won a share of the television rights for the next season.