F3 – Nicholas Latifi on the verge of the podium in Budapest

slatifi_budapest_mini.jpg'BUDAPEST – Budapest- It took only two races for Latifi to go on the verge of the podium in the Italian Formula 3 European Series, fighting with stubbornness against pilots whose experience both in open wheels and in driving a Dallara is very meaningful.

The Italo-Canadian guy coming from the world of karting, made a good start in the sprint race which was the last race of the Hungarian week end, getting the third position at the end of the first corner, keeping up with a good pace throughout the race and withstanding Visoiu’s attacks just ‘till 2 laps before the end. The BVM driver defended himself from the strong pressing made by the FDA driver Brandon Maisano and succeeded in crossing the line with a good fourth place.
At the Hungaroring Nicholas not only gained 13 points but also much more experience in a Championship that is looking more and more selective and tight. Next race will take place in June, from the 8th to the 10th on the Mugello track, being the first venue valid even for the tricolour series.
Nicholas Latifi: It was a good week end because I succeeded in getting next to the rest of the group. In race 3 I enjoyed myself so much, making good race times, even if I was so sorry for not getting on the podium. In braking the car was not so steady so in the chicane Visoiu overtook me. Next time it will be better. What is important for me is to grow up week end by week end. The Dallara is a very demanding car and the level of the Championship is so high.
Giovanni Minardi (sport advisor):I’m happy about Nicholas behaviour in Budapest. He fought against pilots who have much more experience and a better knowledge of their cars, forasmuch as their past experience in Formula Abarth and Formula 3. In comparison with Valencia, he has made great improvements even from a physical and a mental point of view. In this moment Latifi has to gain kilometres and experience and we don’t have to forget that, for a pilot coming from karting, the step towards Formula 3 is so important. He is showing his resolve in reaching the goals and, if he goes on like this, the podium won’t be so far.