Formula 1 of tomorrow

The current grid of Formula 1 Grand Prix is composed of: four engine suppliers (Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, Honda), three constructors (Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren) and seven private teams (Williams, Force India, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Sauber, Lotus, Manor).

But the scene may change soon. Here’s how and why.

Renault: The days after the Spanish Grand Prix, scheduled for the weekend of May 10th, an Extraordinary Board of Directors will be organized directly by the Chairman and CEO of Renault, Carlos Ghosn, who will speak about the situation Renault in F1. At this point, three different ways can be opened: leave the Circus, get in first buying a team or raise technically a Power-Unit that is currently not up to competitors.

Audi: the group is facing a historic transition. Ferdinand Piech, Chairman and major shareholder of the group, resigned because of internal conflicts. This means that there may be internal struggles that call Piech into discussion. Mr. Ferdinand was not against Bernie Ecclestone, as rumours said in these months, but the current F1 didn’t suit him. What will be the new strategies? Will Audi be interested in buying Red Bull Racing?

BMW: in mid-May, the German company will have a new CEO in the person of Mr. Kruger a technician with great experience in motorsport. This is a signal to raise again the brand in a world like that of F1, although it is much talked and denigrated, it has great attraction, increasing the brand.

Formula 1 in the coming weeks could change things both technically and politically. In this period Circus seems lethargic. But will be really this way? Do Bernie Ecclestone and Dietrich Mateschitz know something more? For several months it’s talking about a future Mr. Red Bull highly interested in buying CVC’s stocks. If that were so, he would be forced to leave the two teams (RBR and TR). Is it a coincidence that these rumours come out right now? Mateschitz has always said that F1 is a business fro him, being a marketing man. A very interesting scenario. A new breath of fresh air. We have a practical example. After purchasing the old Zeltweg circuit, he has been able to restructure and relaunch it. Last year, Red Bull Ring has experienced one of the most beautiful grand prix of the season, with lawns and bustling terraces and many initiatives. This year could be even better.

Well, maybe we’re in front of a big change.