German GP – Drivers’ Scorecard

Nico Rosberg – 9 He showed all seriousness, professionalism and peace of mind needed to lead the World Championship.

Valtteri Bottas – 9 He showed to be the strongest emerging pilot, like Daniel Ricciardo. With his third consecutive podium, he is preparing to attack Alonso’s fourth place.

Daniel Ricciardo – 9 He struggled a lot, creating an amazing battle with Fernando Alonso and demonstrating not only all his talent, but also that he can fight on par with a double World Champion like the Ferrari driver.

Fernando Alonso – 9 Another great race. After Vettel, he changed rival, offering a beautiful show to the public together with the Australian driver of RedBull. He is holding the honor of Ferrari, but nevertheless they have become the fourth power of the World Championship.

Lewis Hamilton – 8.5 For the Sunday’s race; he certainly deserves a 9 too, but his nervousness has sometimes emerged, preventing him from attacking Rosberg seriously. It’s true that he came from a rather serious technical problem on Saturday, but he should be able to manage the tensions, being a World Champion.

Sebastian Vettel – 8 He completed his task, being able to stand before Daniel Ricciardo, that has been slowed by the opening contact between Magnussen and the unfortunate Massa.

Nico Hulkenberg – 7.5 He was good, because he brought his Force India in the seventh place.

Jenson Button – 6 He defended with his tooth and nail, despite not McLaren at its best.

Sergio Perez – 6 He also defended well, winning the last available point.

Kevin Magnussen – 5.5 The incident with Massa was not his fault, but he should be more careful.

Kimi Raikkonen – 5 He was very submissive and not really aggressive. At this time, he cannot earn a positive vote.

Formula 1 – 8 Despite Mercedes’ supremacy, they are making us relive the battles of the past. The same vote should be given to the stewards, while Charlie Whiting deserves a 5, not letting the safety car enter the circuit at 19 laps from finish and favouring, thereby, Nico Rosberg.