Gian Carlo Minardi "Alonso-Button, correct choice for McLaren-Honda"

With announcement of yesterday, also the last “big piece” went to his place, in a 2015 grid which will present with numerous innovations: Fernando Alonso is the new McLaren-Honda driver. At the same time, it has been loosed the knot of the driver that will drive alongside the Spaniard. In the run-off between Button and Magnussen, the 2009 World Champion succeeded; he is getting ready for his 16th season in the World Championship.

Also Gian Carlo Minardi agrees with this choice, as he comments on the website “Fernando wanted to affect corporate organization sponsoring Jenson. Meanwhile, McLaren aimed at young Magnussen, also for economic reasons. Eventually, however, they have kept them all three. Although it has always been a supporter of young people, I think that it have taken the right choice “, continues the manager from Faenza. “Button can be of great help in the interpretation of tyres, in a team that wants and needs to go back on top quickly. For them, a new chapter begins. They are in a time of great restructuring, with the debut of a new engine. It will not be an easy season for Honda, which arrives in the World Championship with a year less of experience on racing circuits“. For Fernando it will be a difficult challenge as he has already gave to understand since his first statements. “Alonso has clear ideas and knows the real situation. At the moment, Honda is late on the development program of its PU. The Spaniard has always been a team player and his statements are also a way to encourage the team to speed up“.

Lost the position as race driver, Kevin Magnussen will be the reserve driver. “I do not see it as rejection for Kevin and a defeat for the program McLaren young. He remained within the team and will be able to drive an open-wheel. It has been a contemplated choice and the same Honda will have imposed a technical line in the choice of drivers“, the former constructor concludes, “considering the significant investment put to use“.

Despite some question marks, the starting grid is completed with important news for Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Toro Rosso and Sauber. Line-up confirmed, instead, at Mercedes, Williams and Force India.