Gian Carlo Minardi “FDA will train next Ferrari driver”

In these weeks, news at Ferrari are certainly not missed, thanks to a series of announcements, linked to the arrival of Mexican Esteban Gutierrez as third driver and test driver, followed by a strong organization’s renewal and, last but not least, JeanEric Vergne’s welcome as test driver to attend the activities of  car’s development with simulator. Gutierrez comes directly from Sauber, while the Frenchman has been forced to say good-bye to Toro Rosso racing team, giving place to Carlos Sainz Jr.

After these announcements, newspapers’ controversies about the FDA project are not missed, marking Gutierrez’ arrival as a defeat. Gian Carlo Minardi is not of the same opinion, being always very sensitive to young growth. “I would be easy to issue judgments against Ferrari Driver Academy. At this moment, FDA project will go on with Raffaele Marciello, Antonio Fuoco, Lance Stroll and Guan Yu Zhou. Esteban arrival doesn’t affect FDA work. It’s essentially a question of economic-financial nature“, the manager from Faenza comments on “It’s linked to one of the strongest groups in the world referring to Slim. As in many other companies, even Ferrari didn’t want to miss this chance. Today the role of “third driver” is a word that “fills the mouth”, but if we analyze the facts, it’s very restrictive, especially in top racing teams like Ferrari, which does not rely on the test/third driver for Friday morning practice sessions.

I am certain that FDA will train next Ferrari driver. I really believe in this. At the moment, Prancing Horse Racing Team is facing an important change. It’s coming back to Made in Italy. I can just promote this direction and support it completely. I’ve always maintained that nothing missed in Maranello. However, there was need to intervene in delicate areas“.

Therefore, the project began in 2010 with ACI and Scuola Federale will go on, linked to growth and training of young drivers. “Aci continues its commitment to the creation of a team called Nazionale Azzurra di Velocità, as already exists in Rally. So, we will have to deal with Ferrari and FDA to promote and sponsor any initiative, with the only purpose of bringing as forward as possible our guys. I don’t gamble the word “Formula 1”, because in that case there are also other parameters, not only related to sports results“, Gian Carlo Minardi concludes. “Do not forget that car racing is an expensive sport, related to business“.