Never two without three. Unfortunately.

Not only Manor (Marussia) and Caterham are uncertain for next season. Unfortunately, there is a third team that, to date, is registered for Formula 1 World Championship with reservation. This is Lotus, a team that in 2012 and 2013 ended the season as the fourth power of the world championship, with the seals of Kimi Raikkonen in Abu Dhabi (2012) and then in the opening appointment in Melbourne.

For Circus, 2014 has been a season full of changes and innovations that have considerably increased the costs of management, especially with the introduction of the brand new Power-Unit, causing great difficulty for many teams, just like the team of Enstone and Sauber. The structure of Gerald Lopez has lived a troubled season, also under the sports results failing to go beyond an eighth place among manufacturers, suffering the problems of the French engine. Trying to get back on top, for 2015 he has focused on the Mercedes world champion’s power-unit, renewing confidence on its bearers, Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado. “Surprises continue not to miss, even at the end of the year. even if it’s registered in the 2015 Championship, Lotus has an asterisk, which equates to a sword of Damocles not just. It means that from the administrative side is not all right”, Gian Carlo Minardi says. “This occurs when the entry fee is not paid within the prescribed time and an extension is granted. For the F1 this would be a heavy loss. In addition to bringing a prestigious name, the team of Enstone has in its organic structures and men of universal value, whose roots are well entrenched in the history of this sport, despite having changed several names and properties”.

The possible out of Lotus, together that of the two Cinderellas, would lead to having a grid formed by only 16 cars and eight teams (Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams, Ferrari, McLaren, Force India, Toro Rosso and Sauber). Let us hope that this does not happen.