Gian Carlo Minardi “Games in F1 are not finished”

In eleven days, Formula 1 will issue its verdict, consecrating the 2014 Drivers’ World Champion. Hamilton or Rosberg? Meanwhile, at the end of Russian Grand Prix, Mercedes has already won its first Constructors’ Title in history. Despite World Championship will close, the unknown elements for 2015 remain endless. In recent years, we have never got to this point of the season with still so many questions about the Circus.

As we know, at Suzuka Sebastian Vettel said good-bye to Red Bull, but without announcing his new destination. Fernando Alonso will leave Maranello, to go where? There is talk about Honda-McLaren; till now much talk, but zero facts. And who will be “sacrificed” between Button and Magnussen? The news does not end up here. Marussia and Caterham have raised the white flag, but the unknowns go around other teams, like Lotus and Sauber (that, meanwhile, announced for 2015 Ericsson and Nasr, leaving its drivers Sutil and Gutiérrez). Let’s move on. In Toro Rosso, after the press release of August, in which they announced the line-up in 2015 with Kvyat-Verstappen (in, we didn’t believe it much), the counter-ad has arrived, always at Suzuka: the Russian Kvyat in RBR, instead of Vettel, alongside Daniel Ricciardo. What will then do the “dumped” Vergne?

It’s certainly a strange year for this crazy Formula 1. The mess, however, affects not only drivers, but also technical and key men of the teams. Ferrari has brought substantial changes in its organization, but it’s not been the only one. McLaren fired thirteen of its men. “Losing does not like anyone. Especially to those used to win, in their history. Formula 1 is going through a very particular and difficult moment, full of confusion. In these months, we have seen a number of changes and, of course, we did not come to an end. A team that does not win, it’s changed.  The F14T lived up to expectations and, therefore, Ferrari intervened heavily in main areas. The season was started with proclamations as world title. Today, it is the fourth in Constructors’ World Championship (behind Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams) and, in some circumstances, it’s the fifth car“, Gian Carlo Minardi says on “Unfortunately, I think it’s difficult to solve problems in such a short time, even considering what we read. There is talk about a developmental step of the new engine of only 30-40 CV. Disarming, considering the huge difference showed in the field by German competition“, the manager from Faenza says. “Then, we must also add the problems of overconsumption. In Brazil, which is a track that should not cause problems under this aspect, Alonso said he had had to fight against consumption. We are facing a situation too complicated and intricate. I don’t think changes have come to the end. Marchionne has made specific questions to his collaborators“, Minardi says, “not getting the answers he hoped. This is synonymous with great uncertainty that may lead to new changes“.

Ferrari and Renault have formed a coalition to convince Mercedes to “unfreeze” the engines and open a window, to bring developments and updates about Power Unit, resulted less-performing. Meanwhile, Horner, Ecclestone and Lopez take a crack at. They would like to take a step back and leave the expensive V6 Turbo, in favour of the regretted V8. Sharp answer of Niki Lauda: “If we go back to the V8, Mercedes will leave F1”.  A storm is ready to fall on F1.