Gian Carlo Minardi "I like this Social-F1"

Williams and Ferrari have chosen to present their new 2016 cars through the web, as Red Bull that so far has presented the new livery that will dress the single-seaters consigned to Ricciardo and Kvyat. The return of Renault in the world championship as Manufacturer has been more traditional: they announced their organogram and unveiled a total black livery destined to undergo significant changes in colors.

This is a F1 more and more Social, that is trying to get closer to the new language of the young and very young people.F1 must be able to race fast not only on the racetrack, but also with news and images. These days presentations are a first step closer to the needs of young people, who lean more and more to social networks to get immediately the news” Gian Carlo Minardi comments.It is for this reason that the teams do their presentations in two or three steps, before arriving at the final version, starting from the livery” as in the case of Red Bull and Renault. They can achieve millions of visits this way, ensuring a great visibility to sponsors. On the expenditure side, is also a big saving”.

The web allows  reduce distances and boundaries.Journalists must n’t even move from their offices, and many more people may have available the press kits, ensuring a greater disclosure of that material through sites and personal blogs”.Minardi notices another good aspect “Do not forget that there are only four months between the last race of the year and the new season. This new way of working allows teams to take full advantage of the time to develop and prepare the car” the entrepreneur from Faenza concludes. “I appreciate this new approach and this methodology of providing information“.