Gian Carlo Minardi in Madrid as Fernando Alonso's guest

On the occasion of the “Fernando Alonso Collection”, which was inaugurated on Monday at the Madrid-based Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal, Gian Carlo Minardi was a Spanish Champion’s guest and had the chance to re-experience the beginning of the Spaniard’s bright career into F.1, which was promoted by the Faenza-born manager and his team in 2001.

It’s an amazing exhibition where all the cars, trophies and memorabilia concerning the Spanish driver’s career, are put on display and visitors have also the opportunity to take an “interactive trip” into Fernando’s story. The exhibition is divided into 6 thematic areas: the first one is called “o km” and it’s the area dedicated to Alonso’s first steps into the world of motorsport; the second area is called “la collecciớn” and it’s the area where all the single-seaters Fernando has driven to take part not only in the F.1 Championship but also in lower Formula Championships, are put on display; the third section is named “Circuito Alo”, here visitors can take an “interactive trip” through Fernando’s motorsport career and private life; another section is called “Start your engines!”. Visitors can have an audio-visual experience relating F.1 and can share the passion the Asturias-born driver has for this sport; “Formula 1 Experiences”, where all secrets about the technological innovations which mark the top series can be discovered; “275.000 km de emociớn”, it’s a video where the Ferrari’s driver goes back over his career. The Exhibition, which was organized by the Fernando Alonso Foundation in cooperation with the Canal de Isabel II Gestiớn, is only the embryo of what will be the Fernando Alonso Museum, to be established in Oviedo.

“It’s a beautiful exhibition and an amazing collection. Fernando parents’ idea to collect all their son’s sport equipment was great. There you can find his first go-karts, racesuits, gloves and trophies. Even the 2001 Minardi car is put on display, along with the racesuit Fernando wore in his debut year into F.1. All that brought pleasant memories to my mind. I want to extend my congratulations to everybody for arranging such an amazing exhibition. It was also a good opportunity to see some friends like Flavio and Stefano, again”, says Gian Carlo Minardi.

On the exhibition’s opening day, Fernando wanted not only his family and friends next to him; he also invited all the team principals he dealt with throughout his career into F.1: Gian Carlo Minardi, Flavio Briatore, Martin Withmarsh and Stefano Domenicali.