Gian Carlo Minardi: Midsummer thoughts…

All F1 teams are on holiday: after eleven GPs all the workers, as the Regulations state, must take a well-deserved rest to recharge the batteries and get ready to tackle the next eight appointments that will lead us to the end of the World Championship 2014. Obviously Factories are under the control of FIA and no employee or worker may enter the factory (excepting the systems maintenance teams); nothing escapes the supervisors, even the e-mail traffic of teams can be controlled.

At the resumption of works, it will be a hot Autumn: the run-up to the supremacy of Mercedes makes me forecast large movements regarding the Teams’ workforce. Ferrari has already begun, but what they did seems not enough, so other changes are in the air. McLaren is also forced to work in such a way to ensure Honda a technical return on the investments they are doing in F1, not to mention Lotus, that is once again making big changes at the corporate and technical levels to switch from Renault to Mercedes engines. However, no team will be free from revolutions, that will either regard the technical side or the pilots, or even changes of Team Principal and Managing Director (this could be one of the reasons that led Bernie to postpone the meeting in London to find new solutions together with Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren).

F1 is increasingly split into two groups, with some teams who work to achieve leadership while others are struggling to survive. These two groups will have to match their different interests, with the sole aim to relaunch F1 attracting new fans, particularly among young people, being more effective in promotional and media terms for new sponsors.

To achieve this, there will probably be the need to rewrite the Rules, to make them clear and understandable to all.

Now let’s go on holiday… With so many doubts and perplexities, curious to see what will happen since after Monza, an historical step for certain changes.

Happy holidays!