Gian Carlo Minardi “Point on the Verstappen-Sainz pair in Toro Rosso 2015”

After Ricciardo, Kvyat, Vettel, Alguersuari, Vergne… the new gamble in Red Bull is called Max Verstappen. The young son of the ex-Formula 1 driver Jos has joined the Red Bull family, which promptly turned him to Toro Rosso team for a lightning-debut already in 2015, when he will be just 17-years-old and will have no more than thirty-three races in an open-wheel behind him.

This year, the Dutch highlighted himself in the FIA Formula 3 Championship, creating amazing battles with our two leaders, Antonio Fuoco and Antonio Giovinazzi, in force in Prema and Carlin teams. With this manoeuver at the last moment, and maybe even a bit risky, Red Bull has managed to scoop Mercedes’ competition, which set his eyes for a long time on the young driver. “The guy was watched by Toto Wolff and Red Bull has gambled, guaranteeing him a record that is unlikely to be beaten in a short time and bringing him to a worldwide debut already in the next year. According to rumours, the program is certainly not free from criticism, because I believe many young people have been set aside prematurely, without the opportunity to express themselves 100%. With Ricciardo and Kvyat things are working very well and we’ll see how they will behave with the young Max. Previously, they made several mistakes, but practice makes perfect”, says Gian Carlo Minardi on the website

Even if the press release issued by the team from Faenza speaks about a 2015 line-up consisting of Kvyat-Verstappen, the manager of Faenza is not so convinced that the games are over. “This operation surprised me, as it might cause problems for Carlos Sainz J., who is part of the RB family from several years. For this reason, I see a different scene, with an extremely young Toro Rosso formed by Verstappen-Sainz J. and Daniil Kvyat towards Red Bull, in place of Sebastian Vettel“. The announcement could start the dance to new sceneries in regard to 2015 and traditionally Spa and Monza circuits are the stages of the new ads. The timer is about to shoot. “Do not forget that we have Honda determined to aim for a super-top driver for its return to the Circus and, to this day, we certainly have the first three guides unhappy with their situation: Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel. In addition, the Red Bull Racing is a brand turned to a young audience and the arrival of the new face of Kvyat alongside Ricciardo could be a very interesting marketing move. For some time, I contend that the time has come for the four-times World Champion to abdicate and accept new challenges. We are close to several changes, in a domino-style. We expect the first move and then all the others will arrive as a result“, continues the manager of Faenza.

Gian Carlo Minardi, who built his career in Formula 1 working with the very young drivers, supports the politics aimed at enhancing young people and he even hopes for a greater commitment on the part of the other teams. “Recently, with the young people we haven’t witnessed to disasters and I hope that the others will follow RB footsteps“, warns the ex-constructor. “My thoughts go out to our guys Fuoco and Giovinazzi, who are fighting on a par with Verstappen, alternating the lead. The two leaders are second to none. I hope that the FDA would put corrective measures to encourage their growth. All the top teams should have a team of reference with which growing young people. Otherwise, it is useless to have a nursery“, concludes Gian Carlo Minardi.