Gian Carlo Minardi “ Vallelunga confirmed the value of our Championships”

Last week the “Piero Taruffi” circuit at Vallelunga hosted those young talented drivers who enlivened the exciting Italian-European F.3 and F.ACI CSAI Abarth racing season.
The two F.Abarth young drivers Luca Ghiotto ( born in 1995 and vice-Italian Champion) and Santiago Urrutia (born in 1996, Uruguayan 2012 Rookie Champion) made their debut into the F.3, doing battle with each other over the four days of the ninth ACI-CSAI Federation Supercorso, while the kart drivers Zani, Corberi and Iacobacci, selected by the Federation School and the Ferrari Driver Academy, undertook the Tatuus FA provided by the Federation itself, for the first time.
“ Once again the guys kept up with the situation. Despite their young age, they paid so much attention to the Federation School instructors’ advices and to the FDA Engineers’ suggestions, demonstrating an aptitude for open wheels. The kart drivers Zani, Corberi and Iacobacci had the chance to “taste” the power of a single-seat car for the first time, while with Ghiotto and Urrutia, the drivers who enlivened the Italian and European F. ACI CSAI Abarth Championships, we’ve had a further confirmation of how competitive and training the series is. The two drivers did a hard battle with each other behind the wheel of a F.3 car, the “elder sister” of F.Abarth, running very fast times compared to the ones run by the league winners few weeks ago during the Championship “, says Gian Carlo Minardi.
The “five racing days” on the Roman track ended up with the Italian F.3 Champions running the traditional test behind the wheel of a F.1 car such as the Ferrari F60, provided by the FDA. Along with Riccardo Agostini and Eddie Cheever Jr, the European F.3 Championship winner Juncadella was capped to take part in the race, as well “ It was so interesting to technically test guys coming from different driving experiences. Once again this event showed the value of the Italian F.3, which represents the first step for those drivers coming from promotional Championships. We’ve been so pleased to notice that both Agostini and Cheever, two drivers who have run in all stages (from kart to F.3), managed to be a match for a more experienced racer such as Juncadella, who is older than them and has much more technical experience.
Last week results are a proof that the work done by the Federation School and FDA is bearing fruit. No doubt Italy doesn’t lack talents, it only lacks financial resources to support their career into the world of motorsport. We shall work harder to find the right synergy and, as ACI CSAI we’re all working to support as best we can drivers and Championships”, ends up Minardi, a former Italian constructor and current Federation advisor.