GP Abu Dhabi – THE POINT

The supremacy showed by Red Bull in the GP of Abu Dhabi was once again disarming. A 32’’ gap between two teammates is something uncommon and incredible. Despite Mark Webber drove an excellent race, his teammate Sebastian Vettel had a half- a- minute advantage over the Australian. The German driver keeps on doing whatever he wants, he just has to stop for a coffe…..I think it’s the first time in the F.1 history that the time-gap between two chief drivers is so huge. In 2010 Mark Webber would have deserved to win the world title he lost in Abu Dhabi for the German benefit.

To be honest, I’m astonished by this supremacy which should be taken into great consideration also with regards to the 2014 season. If the other teams don’t manage to get a way out of that, they won’t close the gap with the Austrian team.

At the Yas Marina Circuit we saw brilliant strategies. Ferrari’s Alonso managed to get the most of his car’s potential. After a difficult Saturday, the Spaniard finished 5th, closing the gap with Massa, Hamilton and Di Resta. He constantly set the fastest lap throughout the last 8 laps. Massa also drove a very good race, but Mercedes was even more performing. The German team has now an 11-point lead over the Maranello-based team, thanks to Rosberg’s 3rd place and Hamilton’s 7th place. Once again Nico caused problems for his team mate. There are still 2 races on the calendar and many points are still up for grabs, so the fight to get the second place in the constructors’ championship is still open. Thanks to the last result, the Spaniard has almost secured the second place in the drivers’championship. He was helped by Kimi Raikkonen’s abandon. The Finn experienced a nervous week end, but, since he’s a professional, I expect him to complete the season. The team won’t sort out all the outstanding matter towards him, but it will try to find some other way out. So I think it will be difficult for Valsecchi to replace Raikkonen. Force India achieved an important result; the Indian team finished 6th between Ferrari and Mercedes. No doubt they deserve the position they hold in the championship and their drivers are very good at getting the most of tyres. Perez drove a good race; once again the Mexican driver finished ahead of Button. Is Alonso’s overtaking over Vergne under inquiry? I think that it’s very important to have the same driver among race commissioners, so that a unique way of thinking is ensured. This week end Martin Donnelly, a former driver who took part in the F.1 championship in 1989 and 1990, played the role of race commissioner. The world of car racing has changed so much over the last years, so I think a “fresh” driver is needed, a person who can understand the different situations. My philosophy is to let things go and be strict towards dangerous situations. Alonso’s overtaking was magnificent. Vergne didn’t expect the Spaniard to attack him on his way out of the pit lane. Huòkenberg’s episode is different. Because of an unsafe release, he had to serve a drive-through penalty.

I want to praise Sebastian Vettel again, not only for his victory, but also for the show he made in front of the audience. I hope he won’t get a penalty again.

In 15 days, at the Austin Circuit, we’ll see Ferrari and Mercedes fighting for the second place again.