Historic Minardi Day | Seven good reasons to come to Imola

Are you bored of usual F1 entrenched in its super-armored and unattainable mega-motorhomes? Are you bored of a F1 not engaging and too silent? The answer is the Historic Minardi Day that is getting ready to crowd the “Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit” in Imola next Saturday June, 25th at 9.00, for a whole day devoted to all fans. More than 70 cars will animate a unique show, with a lot of action on track, and even more in the paddock with exhibitions, simulators, and much more. We have found 7 good reasons…

1) The sound of F1 golden years
Formula 1 coming from the era of the Turbo and of the V10 and V12 engines roars again in Imola. We will have 17 single-seaters from the World Championship that will go around in Imola. Along with the Tecno 1972, the Williams FW07 1980’s World Champion, Alain Prost’s Ferrari, Jean Alesi’s Ferari, and Ivan Capelli’s Ferrari. Ten single-seaters from the Minardi Team will do the honors, starting from the Minardi M186 Motori Moderni up to 2005’s Minardi, retracing this way more than 30 years in Formula 1.
The engines will turn on at 9.00 am with the first laps on track performed by Grand Touring cars, forerunners for the single-seaters from Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, and formula 3000 for a show that will finish only at 18.30 pm.

2) Formula 1 cars “at your fingertips” for a unique time travel
From 9.00 am, the Paddock gates will be opened to all the fans and aficionados (entrance fee 10 euro, free for aged under 12), to closely see the cars of the Minardi Team and of the Toro Rosso Stable. Alongside the 31 single-seaters from Faenza (starting from the Minardi M185 that made its debut into F1 World Championship in the Brazilian Gran Prix with Piero Martini, up to Verstappen-Sainz jr.’s STR10). We will find exhibited the little FIAT 500 of 1972 with which Gian Carlo Minardi won the first Italian Championship as a Sport Director of the Scuderia del Passatore, the Minardi F2 of 1982, and the Ferrari F201, Constructors’ World Champion with Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.

3) “Face to face” with the drivers
Walking in the paddock, we will encounter the team principal Gian Carlo Minardi and his “boys” that took part in the stable from Faenza in its 35 years history. From Argentinian Miguel Angel Guerra, the first driver who has raced under the colors of the Minardi Team in Formula 2 up to the Italian Paolo Barilla, Giancarlo Fisichella, Giovanni Lavaggi, Pier Luigi Martini, Gianni Morbidelli, Alessandro Nannini, Jarno Trulli. The Brazilian Tarso Marques, the Spaniard Adrian Campos and Sala Luis Perez. The Portuguese Pedro Lamy, and test-drivers that alternated on Gian Carlo Minardi’s cars, among the others Davide Rigon, Gabriele Lancieri, Matteo Bobbi, and Thomas Biagi.

4) Challenge your friends
Do you feel yourself as a real World Champion? You must challenge your friends at the wheel of GT Challenge and F1 simulators. The more capable driver will have the emotion to go on Imola’s track inside a real Lamborghini Huracan beside a professional driver.

5) Lots of music and Street-food
We all know Emilia Romagna is the land of motors but also of good cuisine. Thus, we have set an area devoted to Street-food where we will have the chance to taste different flavors, drinking a good beer. We will have also a lot of music, the dj-set in pure Red Bull style fun.

6) A space for technology
There will also be room for the new technologies “made in Emilia Romagna” and for motorbike fans thanks to the participation of “Energica Motor Company”. The company from Modena will exhibit its electrical motorbikes models Ego and Eva. The last, an electrical streetfighter that reaches 200 km/h, has just been presented publicly and will be at disposal for programmed test drive.

7) The comfort in getting to Imola
Reaching the “Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit” of Imola is not like to climb Mount Everest! It is very comfortable by train (the station is 3,5 km away from the entrance) and by car (A14 Exit Imola). A circuit that is part of the history of Motorsport, a day not to be missed.

You are ALL invited!