[Interview] Davide Rigon: F1, GP2 and 2010

Rigon.jpg' Awaiting the 2010, the microphones Minardi.it reached Davide Rigon, engaged in Forlì to complete his athletic training at the Center Driver Program Stefano Elia. The young champion of home Minardi has ranged between his first season in GP2 Main Series, the Formula 1 and his desire to return to try an F1 car after testing in 2005 with the Minardi team on the circuit Vallelunga.

How was your first season in GP2?
It been a great experience because I learned so many victories after losing a few (says smiling) I had to drive right on the limit and this made me grow in other ways. If we look at the overall picture is not entirely positive as the points scored were few. We have always been very close to the points, but every time we needed something to complete the work. Luck has always helped me then not, in fact at least two occasions I could fight for a place on the podium …
What’s left you more this season and in what respect did you grow the most?
GP2 helped me grow from a psychological viewpoint. Always having to constantly chase and go to the limit to keep pace with the others is not always easy. The approach to each weekend has always been very professional. Even my body was always brought to the limit and every time he responded very well.
This season you have been busy again with the colors in SF Olympiacos taking part in the first three appointments. Why did you decide to close your adventure in advance?
I returned to Superleague Formula in anticipation of not being able to finish my season in GP2. After each race because I did not know if I would also underway next appointment, for the usual problems of budgets that grips me constantly. Subsequently, given the problems of reliability of the car Olympiacos, I decided to focus primarily on the GP2 series, whose car is very close to a Formula 1 car.
Rigon.jpg'You have a curriculum that could be the envy of many colleagues: In 2005 you tried the Minardi F1, you are close to victory in F.3 Italy in 2006, you won the Italian and European F.3000 championship in 2007, while in 2008 you opened the roll of honor of having the better of Superleague Formula drivers with experience in F1, Champ Car and GP2. What you lack in order to try again in a Formula 1?
Missing only a possibility. I am ready in all respects, and I’m continuing their training according to Formula 1. Also in GP2 have demonstrated their ability to go fast. I’d like to show a Formula 1 team my potential.
We stay in F1: how to judge this world and who has surprised you most?
This is a Championship surely different, and for a side too strange, because every race is not easy to predict. At the beginning of the season Brawn GP even though I was certainly surprised at the end are falling. Very good Sebastian Vettel, with whom I have also clashed in the past, and Lewis Hamilton that even with a perfect machine has not shown that they can win and go fast. The Ferrari is growing, though by now are fully screened to 2010. Despite this they are always there, even if it is not easy to defend third place in the constructors’ championship from McLaren in great progression.
From whom did you expect something more?
To be honest I was slightly disappointed Grojan, because anyway in GP2 became capable of going strong, even if they commit some mistakes too. Saw the beginning of the season I would have expected something more at this stage also by Jenson Button.
From next year the rules will change again: for example will be banned supplies. For a driver, as will change the approach to the grand prize? It will be a positive change for the image of Formula 1?
With the new 2010 regulations will miss out on many occasions the quality of the pilot which will be called to a more delicate handling of the car, this being much more thinking (220 kg of gasoline) to start Grand Prix. We must be careful to wear the brakes. You will return back to the ’90s when it was close attention to possible mechanical failures, taking the curbs so sweeter without all the back to the limit. This will allow us to have the racing even more exciting. Qualifying will also be more interesting because all the riders can freely decide what fuel loads onto the track.
From next year we would have four new teams (Campos Dallara – Manor – USF1 and Lotus) with Sauber at the gates. A better chance for you young drivers?
Certainly can be a better chance to get into Formula 1, even if the so-called pilots with the suitcase will have the road clearing. In my new team will opt for an experienced driver alongside a young man paying for cover so the seasonal budgets.
As for your near future?
Currently there are no big news. We are exploring some interesting opportunities. I was contacted by some teams for the Jerez test in GP2, but the costs were too high
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