Is Formula 1 ready to greet two teams?

Those who understand something is good. In recent months and weeks we’ve read everything and its opposite. Who buys a team and then retired on the eve of a double trip, with the seizure of locations and the team assigned to administrators. Now the latest news came through the words of Mr. Ecclestone: no Texas for Caterham and Marussia. Caterham itself should not even participate in the Brazilian trip, which is the penultimate round of the season.

The situation of this Formula 1 seems every day more and more serious, both economically and from a sharp drop in spectators. “Honestly, it’s a bad blow for F1 and missing two teams, four cars and four boys is certainly sorry“, Gian Carlo Minardi says on the website “Unfortunately, the regulation changes have heavily affected all the teams’ founds, leading to this result in teams already in great difficulty. However, the situation seems very strange for Marussia that, thanks to the two points won in Monte Carlo by Jules Bianchi, currently occupies ninth place in the Constructors’ Standings, before Sauber and Caterham. Points that will turn into money from TV royalties at the end of the year. This aspect should make attractive a team. Perhaps it would be better to buy one of these structures, rather than starting from scratch …“, the manager from Faenza comments.

But the financial crisis that rotates round the Circus is not only about these two realities. “If we exclude the top teams, all the others certainly do not sail in calm waters, indeed. This should make us think and ponder all. Before making decisions – see new Power-Unit or double points – it’s necessary to count at least to ten, to avoid being in these situations, with “bonus” for not participating in a round of World Championship, in the top automotive category“.

In his analysis, Minardi hopes for bigger control also by International Federation. “What’s going on at Caterham is really ridiculous. After 2-3 months, the rescue made by people that as they’ve arrived, they’re also disappeared, is exploded like a soap bubble. Locations placed under seizure, teams assigned to administrators and those who would have to buy and manage the situation with doomsday proclamations, they’ve stepped aside“. It’s getting more impressive the spectre of the “third car” starting next year. “It’s a situation that I don’t like very much, but if you really need to adopt, it should at least be entrusted to a young driver to keep growing“. Circus problems are not only of a financial nature. In particular, this season is characterized by a sharp drop and Minardi, before we say goodbye, posed us a question: “And if a calendar of 19-20 events was too packed? Twenty Grand Prix means just as many weekends in front of TV. Perhaps, are they too many for today’s needs? Add even a strong detachment of Circus lovers“.