Japanese GP – Drivers’ scorecard

The Suzuka circuit and Japanese fans deserve the best mark for sure. Once again the GP arrangement was flawless; a large number of F.1 fans attended the event. The Japanese audience supported drivers and cheered on them.

It’s very difficult to grade Red Bull, as the team’s supremacy is such that they can almost do whatever they want. I think the strategy was planned almost arbitrarily, otherwise I can’t explain the reason why Webber made one more pit stop. They can take the liberty of playing and deciding their drivers’ arrival order. This time Sebastian Vettel had some problems at the beginning of the race. The German took a poor start and clipped Hamilton’s car (50%Vettel’s fault). After making sure everything was ok, he started to push hard and took the lead of the race. Every week end we attend two races: the first race is the one in which Red Bull’s drivers challenge each other and the second one is run by the other drivers. They achieve 9/10 grade.

All the other drivers achieve 7/10 grade, more or less. They drove a good race, defended their positions in the Championship, but they didn’t delivered extraordinary performances. We had fun watching the fight between Hulkenberg and Alonso. The Sauber’s German driver deserves to achieve 7.5/10 grade, as he usually tries to fight against top drivers even if his car is not as performing as top drivers’. Ferrari will have to do something more if it wants to defend its second place in both championships. Massa deserves to achieve 6/10 grade as he’s working as a separated but living together driver, anyway the 10th place is not enough. He didn’t allow Fernando to pass him, but maybe it would have been better for him to stand aside, rather than being overtaken. Luckily for them Mercedes took a point finish only with Rosberg (8th).

Romain Grosjean achieves 7.5/10 grade, too. He took a good free practice session and a great start. He finished first among second-tier teams. In this final stage he wants to show he deserves to be the team’s first driver. Next season he’ll have “Hulk” as his teammate. Either because of some physical problems or some technical choices, Kimi Raikkonen’s performance level is not as good as it was in the first part of the season.

Esteban Gutierrez’s seventh place is a clear proof that FIA and F.1 policy towards young drivers is wrong. The Mexican driver was harshly criticized during the first races, but he’s now demonstrating he deserves to be a F.1 driver. He’s helping the team to get the seventh place in the constructors’ championship, which is no small thing. The good result achieved is also a consequence of the car’s improvement.