Kart- Good results at Le Mans for Negro and Vigorito with OK1

The prestigious Le Mans international circuit has staged the International KZ2 Super Cup and the World KZ Champs. To defend the colors of Minardi Management, Riccardo Negro and Gianni Vigorito were on the starting grid of the trans-alpine circuit with the material of OK1 managed by Lorenzo Foschiani who belongs to the IPKarting group that also contains the brands Praga and FK.
A useful week-end for both Riccardo (KZ2) who defends again the color of an official group thanks to Iame and Gianni (KZ). They have been both maker of a forced break that kept them away from high level contests.

After a long “ride” and a grid with more than 100 drivers, final has opened up its door to Riccardo Negro thanks to the 23th absolute place gained in Pre-final (16th in group 1). In final he made a great recover proving to be
able to work for the top 10 having run with just a tenth of a second slower than the best performance in the race.
Unfortunately the sleeve of the boiling water broke forcing him to retreat. After taking part in WSK Super Master Series, Gianni Vigorito, pushed by TM and managed by Udine’s FG Racing, became protagonist along with OK1 of an important progression in KZ queen category . To defend himself against “the legends” of karting Gianni has quickly adapted also to Bridgestone tires and after having found a good setup, he closed his experience in the world championship with a 23th absolute place.

Run in a KZ Championship is great and I can only be satisfied about this week-end. I have been working in a good way with my team and now we are on the right path. I was worried about Bridgeston tires, but I succeeded to adapt and after a couple of laps I found the right setupGianni Vigorito comments.
First rounds have just been trial stage leaving aside the fine tuning. The very uncertain weather didn’t help me, but with the 16th place in Pre-Final I succeeded in gaining the Final. In the meanwhile the trail has dried and my pace was good in those conditions, unfortunately the breaking of the sleeve boiling water forced me to an untimely withdrawalRiccardo Negro comments.

I am really happy about Riccardo’s and Gianni’s behavior on the track. After several months of forced stop, they resumed to compete at a very very high level. Particularly, the doors of an official team have opened up to Negro after more than 9 months. He quickly found again the pace and the strength as his excellent chronometric times have demonstrated till the end, running just a tenth of a seconds slower than the best performance. Unlucky the breaking of the sleeve prevented him from a good final result. Also Vigorito has done very well in his first KZ experience, both on wet and dry conditions . He managed in a good way the demanding Japanese tires, after having run the entire season using LeCont. He found in a few laps a good setupAlberto Tonti analyzed.

We must be satisfied about what happened on the track. Find the pace after such a long stop period isn’t easy. Le Mans has been the first event of high level under our management and it will be just the start. Riccardo and Gianni have demonstrated to deserve important stagesmanager from Faenza, Giovanni Minardi, analyzes.