Malaysia GP – Drivers’ Scorecard

Waiting for the third GP of the season in Bahrain, let’s step back to Malaysia to give the marks.
Lewis Hamilton – 9 Exemplary through the whole weekend and in all conditions.
Nico Rosberg – 8 A performance slightly under the level of his teammate, who had a higher incentive due to the Australian KO.
Sebastian Vettel – 9 He surely drives a car with an excellent chassis, but he also has the less powerful power-unit of the lot. In these three days he showed his prowess, doing a great job.
Daniel Ricciardo – 8 Mainly an encouraging mark, since he is hard hit by sporting judges’ penalties and the misfortunes of Red Bull-2 keep going on.
Nico Hulkenberg – 8 He showed to deserve a top team: he drove his India Force very well.
Fernando Alonso – 7.5 Exemplary in qualifications and during the race. On Saturday, despite an inferior car, he conquered Q3 and the fourth ranking. Once again he has been able to employ the “material” in his hands to the full potential, as proved by the continuity in the laps in all conditions. Nevertheless, at Ferrari there’s still a lot of work to do to fill the gap.
Kevin Magnussen – 7.5 An encouraging mark, because – in my opinion – judges have too heavily penalized him.
Daniil Kvyat – 7 He turns the lights off on his second weekend in Formula 1 with a tenth place and one point for Toro Rosso, after scoring two points in the opening race in Australia.
Felipe Massa – 7 Hearing that kind of message at the second race of the season is a thoughtless, also because I don’t think Bottas had the potential to overtake Button.
Mercedes engine – 10 Seven cars in the Top Ten is an excellent result. Team Mercedes deserves a 10 too, for the way they managed the car and for the competitiveness showed in all conditions. They’re working really very well.
Ferrari mechanics  – 9.5 They almost did a miracle during the qualifications, allowing Alonso to be in the game for Q3.
Red Bull – 9 A mark related in particular to the reaction after the initial problems. The many penalties on Ricciardo might be a result of the arm wrestling undertaken with FIA.