McLaren and BWM together again, waiting for Apple

It is back in vogue the marriage that made millions of fans dream in the 90s. McLaren and the BMW group will be again together, even if not in the world motorsport for the moment.

The goal of the new partnership between McLaren Automotive and the Bavarian group, whose cooperation also comprises a number of other partners, is linked to the development of new technologies for the inner combustion that will make us reach new power levels and reduce CO2 emissions.

Contextually, Zak Brown is working to bring new sponsors to Woking to give some oxygen to the stable. The wind would carry to Cupertino, Apple destination. Last year, the name of the company created by Steve Jobs had already been associated with McLaren, but then denied. According to rumors, any Apple landing in F1 would open the doors for the return of BMW in the world championship as a propellers supplier.

As in many other operations, and despite the estrangement from Liberty Media, I am sure that behind this there is, once again, Bernie Ecclestone’s hand. No one else knows this environment as him, and he is still the reference point for companies.