Minardi “Arrivabene, the right man at the right time”

With the assignment of Maurizio Arrivabene, at Ferrari the new era has started. There’s will to quickly archive a season full of difficulties, which led to several changes in its staff. Changes that, however, are destined to continue, as Gian Carlo Minardi said in the past: “I have to congratulate Mr. Sergio Marchionne, because the first choice was more than spot-on. Maurizio Arrivabene is certainly the right man for this Ferrari that wants to turn over a new leaf quickly“, the manager from Faenza said on www.minardi.it. “I wish him good luck, as he is called to not an easy job. Despite commitments are a lot at the moment and time is very little, he will have to make prompt changes quickly. In the past, everybody wanted to go to work at Ferrari, but now wind seems to have changed. Maranello seems to have lost “reliability” in its projects, receiving denials from important people who have won so much in Ferrari. There’s need of a man with strong leadership to reverse this course“.

In recent months the name of Ross Brawn was often joined to that of Ferrari. The British engineer could then hang up the fishing rod to embrace again the racing world. “Rumours coming from Germany speak of Ross Brawn ready to accept new challenges, but far away from Ferrari. In fact, it hears about a strong interest on Audi’s side. For this reason, Arrivabene will have to make even unpopular and risky decisions on the technical side, writing a new story, or trying to put pressure on the man that now is the most wanted and requested, Brawn precisely”. With the arrival of Sebastian Vettel some changes have already glimpsed. “In these days, we have seen the German surrounded by Resta and Adami engineers“, both with a past at different times in Faenza (one in Minardi Team, the other in Toro Rosso). Riccardo Adami will be the new race engineer of the four-times  world champion. “Therefore, something has already changed“. Waiting for passing the baton between Mattiacci and Arrivabene, Sebastian Vettel entered officially in “red”, driving in Fiorano with the F2012, working on the simulator and visiting the factory. “I have to congratulate the creator of this political-advertising move. They have been able to draw the attention of media, giving a new image both to Vettel and Ferrari. A move of image perfectly spot-on“, Minardi concludes, “that marks an important turning point within the racing team”.