Minardi: "Red Bull not releasing itself from Renault? A sabbatical year for Newey"

With the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo, teams traditionally begin to lay the foundations for the new year, especially on the front of power-units.

The leitmotif of the weekend in Monaco has been the debacle of the Renault power-units, which have laid out the races of Vettel, Kvyat, Vergne and Maldonado. Only Daniel Ricciardo kept up the honour of the transalpine manufacturer, with a third place at finish which also means the second consecutive podium for the Australian driver. Despite a power-unit with a deficit of about 80-90 hp, in the final stages of the race the Australian pilot was able to fight on an even footing with Hamilton’s Mercedes.

As we said, in the motor-homes the negotiations for 2015 have begun, especially at Red Bull’s. “The World Champions are unable to free themselves from the contract for the supply of next season”, Gian Carlo Minardi comments at the website minardi.it. “This could result in important changes, both regarding technicians and pilots. Adrian Newey might take a year off, waiting to return to the Circus in 2016 with other colours. The same could apply to those drivers who are no longer willing to lose”, the manager from Faenza continues.

Several engine manufacturers would be interested in entering F1 (BMW and Toyota in first place), provided that they find a valid technical partner. “The team not satisfied with their situation have explored alternative scenarios, in order to evaluate new supplies. The new engine manufacturers are interested in finding a valid technical partner that enables them to win straight away. Therefore, if the top teams confirm the current partnerships, the entry of these new players may be deferred”, the ex-constructor from Faenza concludes.