The Monaco GP was featured by several accidents, the presence of the safety car and a very competitive Mercedes. Despite “one swallow doesn’t make a summer”, the GP was run at a very particular circuit, using two types of compound that will be hardly re-used. The German team showed to be very competitive and if the team demonstrates to have tyres degradation’s issues solved, it will strive for the title, as well.

I use the conditional clause as things change so quickly, so what happens in a GP never happens in the following one. Anyway, the German team has demonstrated to run so quickly since the beginning. We have to give credit to Nico Rosberg, not only for the win but also because he has demonstrated he can handle tyres and car at best, both during practice and race. This result restores Michael Schumacher’s performances. The German ex-driver competed with a driver who is not considered as a second class driver, but a top class one. Today the German young driver is standing comparison with an emerging driver who is a world’s champion and is considered as the best by everyone. This time he didn’t take a good start.

If, on the one hand, Mercedes successful performances will make this racing season even more uncertain, on the other hand, the presence of one more rival will make it difficult to regain points. This aspect remarks Ferrari and Alonso’s unlucky weekend, featured by Felipe Massa’s double accident. The Italian team will have to roll its sleeves and try to focus on the mistakes made after the Spanish successful race. In Canada, weather and tyres could probably affect the final result.

Positive race for Force India and Toro Rosso; Vijay Mallya’s team confirm the 5th place and demonstrates to be a powerful outsider. We saw an excited Perez who wants to demonstrate at all costs he can make it and he’s not a second class driver. He was very impetuous but also so unlucky at the same time. He was treated quite badly by other drivers. Raikkonen pushed so hard in the last part of the race and hindered the Mexican driver twice. It is important that Commissioners judge drivers in the same way, in every race.

It was a contentious Sunday, the argument was fuelled by the Mercedes-Pirelli test. Mercedes took a 1000 km testing on Pirelli tyres using a car which was not 2 years old accordingly to FIA’s regulations.  Regulations are clear but their interpretation is based on teams needs.