Open letter from Gian Carlo Minardi "Imola is synonymous with the Romagna around the world"

As a man of sport I would have preferred not entering in person into the question tied to the Imola circuit but in recent weeks I received many requests for information from passionate enthusiasts worried about the future of the Historic Minardi Day. For this reason I want to calm all the fans by confirming that on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April the Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Circuit will host the fourth edition and to state my thoughts on what is happening.

Around the world Imola is synonymous with the Romagna region and speaking in a sporting way I consider it my second home as it was the stage of 21 Grands Prix for the Minardi Team.

The Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit is an international heritage.

The core lies in defining once and for all the meaning of the Circuit for the city of Imola. A Circuit is obviously a place where auto and motorbike races are held, both at national and international, and in the specific case of Imola we are talking of a facility with a historic image that is exceptional in the world, a point of reference for all of Motorsport, beginning with the Italian Federation.

All the circuits have high management costs, tied above all the renovation work for its safety. In order to protect the budgets, it is necessary that the facility functions for the greater part of the year, also through days of open testing that are open to all the fans. This would be easily to facilitate in the Imola Circuit because its image would attract this very type of clientele. Without forgetting that hosting national and international events brings income above all to the cause but also to the benefit of the Imola Local Council’s overall economic performance and also to the neighbouring Local Councils.

The circuit is certainly also a source of discomfort because of the sound for those who live nearby but goodwill is needed to overcome these problems. Today there are technologies and interventions that can alleviate a good part of the problem.

Despite Formula Imola having managed to relaunch activity strongly in recent years, if we do not decide to follow the road to saving the Circuit we seriously risk losing the Enzo and Dino Ferrari.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Imola to spend a weekend together under the banner of Motorsport with the fourth edition of the Historic Minardi Day.

Gian Carlo Minardi