Paolo Stanzani and Mario Poltronieri have passed away. Minardi "I lost two friends"

It is a sad day. I do not know what to say. In a single day I lose two great friends, Paul Scanzani and Mario Poltronieri. Stanzani was one of my partners in F1 when the Scuderia Italia joined the Minardi team. Together, we shared many decisions. We met again in Imola during the Historic Minardi Day and exchanged greetings at Christmas. I especially embrace his daughter Chiara.

I am forced to also greet Mario Poltronieri, a RAI historical journalist and a great driver in the 60s and 70s with Abarth. We shared living rooms as pundits to remember our past, telling the present.

It is a sad day for our country that loses two historical characters related to the world of Motorsport.