Phenomenal Mercedes, barely pass Ferrari and resat Sauber, Lotus, Caterham

Mercedes – 10 Without reliability problems, it would certainly be an A+ season. With sixteen successes of nineteen Grand Prix, it has hit the jackpot. Hamilton is a “races” animal, a bit less in Qualifying. As for Rosberg, he was able to fight on pair with Lewis. He has to be more consistent in race. Certainly, he will still have a way to fight with his tam-mate. At the beginning of the season, everyone has already considered him as defeated

Williams – 9 Moving from ninth to third place in Constructors’ standings in just one year is synonymous with having worked not only in the right direction, but also having chosen expert people, many of which are Ferrari’s “fugitives”. This certainly has to make us reflect and serve as an example. Thanks also to Mercedes PU, it was able to move up the ranks, especially in the second half of the season, becoming the second force in the World Championship

Red Bull – 8 It’s a vote that goes mainly to the chassis, as it is limited by transalpine PU. It deserves also a higher vote, but, honestly, I didn’t like at all the last “trickery” in Qualifying. The penalty is also perhaps been too mild. Its problem is PU and it may prevent these actions not really clear. It has been the only one to put a spoke in Mercedes’ wheels, going on to win three races with Ricciardo. I would not risk ruining the credibility of a team that has won so much, with trickeries like this

McLaren – 8 It has been able to recover, being as a third reality in recent races. This vote wants to be a vote of confidence. With the arrival of Honda, it can certainly make the leap. As a team, despite the looting of technicians of last season, it proved to have a “hard core” on which restart. I hope it will be one of the next team on the rise, in order to make next 2015 Championship more exciting

Force India – 7.5 Certainly, it has put together many points, being able to be competitive in almost all races, thanks to Mercedes’ PU. It has to struggle between budget and inventions, but it did a great job

Toro Rosso – 7 Very strong in Qualifying, entering, on several occasions, in the top-10. Unfortunately, frustrated result too often in race and, therefore, it has to work on this aspect for the future

Ferrari – 6 The latest moves at the top could be a positive sign for the future. The arrival of Maurizio Arrivabene is a great signal. He knows very well F1 environment, Ferrari and Agnelli family. I am sorry for Marco Mattiacci, but, considering experience, there can be no comparison. It has been one of the most difficult seasons for Maranello, both technically and sportingly, although it had two World Champions

Marussia – 6 For having won two points in Montecarlo, despite many financial difficulties. They are now in receivership, but I hope that the result of Montecarlo might be the basis for a new restart

Sauber e Lotus – 5 They have fallen too low. Certainly, they not have been helped by Ferrari and Renault’s PU, but causes of their failure have to be charged ascribed to a non-performing chassis’ project

Caterham – 4 After so many years, it should have done more. I hope it will find the right resources to start in 2015

Gian Carlo Minardi