Pierluigi Martini remembers Luciano Pavesi

A new grief has hit the world of motorsport: Luciano Pavesi, well-known face of the 70s in Formula 2 and Formula 3 in 1975, has died. He was awarded the title of Italian F.3 at the wheel of Brabham of Scuderia Ala d’Oro, showing his skills also in F.2, and then becoming Team Manager, participating with his own team to the F.3 and F3000 Championships.

In 1983, here comes success in European F.3 alongside of Pierluigi Martini, whose streets came together again in 1986, with the second place (just two points from the title) in the International  Formula 3000, behind Capelli. “Luciano was a beautiful person; when he was speaking, he could get immediately to the point. He was a person of few words, but always very helpful and important”, Pierluigi Martini remembers at www.minardi.it. “Luciano was the teacher and he taught me many things, not only in racing, but also in life. Wise, honest and balanced. For me, he was like a second father. Before being Team Manager, he was a very good driver, with the victory in ’75 in Formula 3. I owe him his first lessons on the development of the car “, says Martini. “In 1983, I won the title of F.3 and two years later I touched the title of F3000 with his team“.

Photo caption: Pierluigi Martini at the wheel of Pavesi Ralt RT20 Cosworth Racing #71 team in the International Formula 3000 in 1986 in Austria.