Q & A with Daniel Zampieri

zampieri'Concluded two test-days on the new facility in Abu Dhabi, the new Italian Formula 3 champion Daniel Zampieri is preparing to live his first weekend in GP2 Asia, driving the Dallara – Renault team Piquet GP.

Before departure to the Yas Marina Circuit, the microphones Minardi.it have reached the standard bearer of TNT in the capital to talk about his “first time” at the wheel of a car as powerful as the Dallara. Zampieri said he was excited about the car back and the facility particularly impressed by the power brake system. Unfortunately, two days of testing are certainly a few to discover the secrets of a car performing well and to try to bridge the gap with far more experienced riders who militate in the league.
zampieri'1. On the track in Abu Dhabi you made your debut at the wheel of the Dallara team Piquet GP. What struck you most from this car?
With the team I was very good and since the early laps. I was impressed by the power and brakes. They feel all the 550 hp when you exit acceleration in corners. I had never driven a car with this performance. I adapted quickly and even physically I was very good and I want to thank all the team of Prof Elias Driver Program Center.
2. What program did you follow these two days of testing?
Mainly we focused on mechanical aspects, trying to complete more rounds as possible to accumulate experience. Unfortunately we have only four sets of tires and two days of tests are not many to understand fully this car. The first day went very well, in fact I managed to get into the top ten, while the second day, where I mounted the last set of tires, have fallen in the rankings. In addition the experience of many drivers with this type of car was heard. I am very pleased
3. What is your goal for the first appointment and for the GP2 Asia championship?
I for one will be very important to experience, trying to put miles ahead of 2010. I will also try to highlight. The level of the championship is very high and several drivers behind many seasons with the Dallara. This will certainly be an incentive more for me coming from Formula 3.
4. How did you find the new plant in Abu Dhabi
It’s spectacular. As for the circuit is a mix between the fast part (where you can also reach 300 km / h) and slow corners. Especially the Central Sector is very driven and I like that. There are two places where you can groped for overtaking at the hairpin 7 (to be done at about 70 mph in 2nd gear) and the disconnected number 8 when you go from 300 km / h to 80 km / h.
zampieri'5. How have you found with artificial lighting?
It was a very nice. Actually I was better at driving with artificial lighting with natural ones. At about 13:00 they began to turn the facility to heat lamps that commenced operations in full swing around 17.00 (sunset). I have not had any difficulty also because we had lighting per day. A truly beautiful plant.
6. As for 2010?
Wednesday I leave for Abu Dhabi. After the race I will move to Barcelona for the World Series by Renault test with the team Comtec. By 2010 the choice will fall between GP2 Main Series and WRS. See!
The word then goes to the manager, Giovanni Minardi, which will join Daniel Zampieri well in his new adventure after having followed him closely throughout his journey in the Formula 3, concluded with the title. “To Daniel the experience in GP2 Asia will be very important because it will give him the opportunity to grow and to be able to make the best decision for next season. For this first weekend I expect an improvement day by day, with the hope that it will take off some good satisfaction. All opponents are very aggressive and this may be a further incentive for us who are in this category at presentation. Daniel will build on the experience gained in Formula 3 and the two days of testing, “concludes Giovanni Minardi