Red Bull studies 2017 F1. Minardi "I'm asthonished"

F1’s Working Group will meet again on the 18th of August to discuss Circus change starting from 2017. They are going to drawn on the research commissioned to Red Bull by the International Federation… Yes, really, the same Red Bull taking part to F1 World Championship with even two separated teams: RBR and TR.

So, once again, FIA directly grounds on teams and their engineers to work out new proposals to be included in the Regulation.
The same rules that will order the features of next single-seaters. As already happened in the past, with the involvement of that old fox of Ross Brawn who dominated season 2009 with his Brawn GP ( after having purchased structures and materials from the outgoing Honda). He dominated thanks to his famous diffuser and the tune of eight victories which earned him the World Constructors’ Championship and the World Driver’ Championship with Jenson Button.

I am really asthonished. We go back in time, when the same Brawn who studied the new car manufactured an unbeatable one with innovative solutions like the diffuser. I have been long arguing that the task of make proposals to be presented to teams is up to the the FIA, not to the stables themselves” Gian Carlo Minardi analyzes on In this way we would avoid certain favoritisms. At FIA there should be men capable to decide and legislate rules for each area of expertise. Men not engaged in teams. You’d think that they don’t have an appropriate staff to make professional proposals”.