Reliability and Consumption, the two key words for the 2014 season

The beginning of the new year represents a hot spot for Formula 1. Some squads will disclose their new cars (in a virtual way at least) over the next few weeks, before the first testing session, scheduled for January 28th on the track of Jerez, takes place. We still don’t know how many teams will take part in the Spanish event. What is certain is that LOTUS team won’t be present at Jerez. That is probably due to financial or strategic reasons, as the English team was “robbed” by its technical crew. We don’t have to forget that the team originated from the Toleman Team and has always managed to re-emerge and survive several corporate changes.

A new chapter is about to start and all teams have to face several issues; delay can be felt. Some teams have received a “draft” of the engine – based on which the bodywork and the plant design will be built – just a few days before Christmas. So Ferrari and Mercedes could have an edge versus other teams because of that.

It will be hard to understand the 2014 racing season and the key words will be Reliability and Consumption. The important thing this year is to have not only the most performing car, but also the most reliable one, with reduced gas consumption. After 8 years of unchanged regulations, this year everything will start again from scratch. New energy recovery strategies will be found and research will make huge steps forward. It will be so important to close partnership agreements with suppliers in order to assembly all car parts the best way.

Pre-season testing will play a more important role this year, if compared to last seasons. I’m almost sure teams will hide themselves much less, so I can’t wait to see the first laps.

Whereas in the past seasons to have the best drivers pair was an added value, in the 2014 season to rely on Champions the likes of Alonso, Vettel, Rosberg and Hamilton couldn’t be enough. This year, to win will probably mean to cross the line first, instead of being the fastest on track…….