Rigon winks at the WSR 3.5 and thinks about the GT2

The past season was full of important events for Davide Rigon, who was engaged in his first GT racing season behind the wheel of the Ferrari 458 in the Blancpain Endurance Series and at Ferrari, where he was and still is at the “Scuderia” disposal for sport and commercial activities “It was a fantastic year, full of engagements. I spent so many days working on the simulator to help the team developing the car, going on with my apprenticeship behind the wheel of a F1 car. It’s exciting to see how important details are. Nothing is left to chance. During each simulator session you have to be constant and give specific clues to engineers, in order to make them follow the right guidance”, says Davide.
The most exciting event was the Rookie Test on the Magny-Cours track, driving a Ferrari F2012, during which the talented driver from Vicenza didn’t spare his energy by running more than 700 km and 165 laps “I really fulfilled my dreams. After working on the simulator and making several aerodynamic tests, it’s really exciting to have the opportunity to take part in an official test with the team from Maranello. It was so good to work with an official team and collaborate with it like official drivers do. This testing session represented another step towards the top series.”
The experience with the Kessel Team in the Blancpain Endurance Series was so positive, even if unfortunately, some unlucky events affected the final result “I contested the first two races as an apprentice, as I had never tested the car before. However, I got along so well with the Kessel Team and my team mates. We were the fastest out of 60 drivers, but unfortunately, having only 6 races to contest, it was so difficult to make up for lost ground, even because of some unlucky events.”
Now it’s time to think about the new season in which Davide, after contesting a race at Paul Ricard with the BVM-Target Team, winks at the World Series by Renault 3.5, and he’s also interested in the GT2 “It’s early now, but I would like to race with a competitive team, starting to work with it since winter testing. I’m still so young but experienced and the format of the WSR Championship is the most similar to the F1 Championship.
On the contrary, in the GP2- 30-minutes sessions, most of the times, on-track results doesn’t reflect a driver real skills. We’re talking about the two most important Championships, after the F1. I just want to keep my feet on the ground, so I would like to continue my experience in the GT. I’ve had the chance to test the Ferrari GT2 and I was positively surprised by that. Running races like Le Mans wouldn’t be less important. I will continue to work with the “Scuderia”, trying to make the most of the work done over the last years. I know the working methods and I’m faster to give clues and recognize details. So I hope to take part in other tests, as my main goal is F1. I’m so glad and honoured to be part of this amazing family, even because it’s the most important and valued team all over the world.”