Russian GP – Drivers’ Scorecard

Giving a vote to this Grand Prix is not easy, because of track’s little difficulties. The asphalt proved to be not abrasive at all, Pirelli was too conservative and pre-weekend worries about bends were unfounded. In an astonishing circuit from scenic point of view, but insignificant on all other fronts, let’s give the votes:

Mercedes – 10 They win their first F1 World Constructors’ Championship. A well-deserved title, having built an almost perfect battleship. A result that has something historical.

Lewis Hamilton – 9 He’s read the circuit very well, right from the earliest tests, dictating his pace and driving the nth double

Nico Rosberg – 5/6 He threw away a Grand Prix at the first bend, becoming author of an amazing “comeback” (from last to second), thanks to his car and asphalt that doesn’t ruin the tyres at all. In fact, he completed 51 laps, no less, with the same compounds, scoring the fastest lap of the race right at the finish. For this reason, I cannot give him a high vote. Too easy so!

Valtteri Bottas – 8 Another podium for the Finn, who is growing Williams, firmly in third place among constructors

Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen – 7.5 They are helping the team to grow, supported also by an excellent Mercedes PU. They’re the team that has put together the most important growth in the last period and prepares to attack the fourth place of Ferrari

Fernando Alonso – 8 He’s the only one that keeps this Ferrari afloat, being the first among the “not-Mercedes”. He fights as only he can do

Daniel Ricciardo – 7 He has solidly confirmed his position in third place of the drivers’ standings and, once again, he’s ahead of his team-mate

Sebastian Vettel – 6 Maybe his head is elsewhere. I haven’t seen him fight as a four times world champion should do

Felipe Massa – 5 Completely lost in Sochi’s sea

All the others do not go beyond the 6. Not because of them, but because of circuit’s simplicity.