Lewis Hamilton 9 – When he has got no problems and thanks to his car, he can rule the roost. He reopened the World Championship and we will see some pretty ones by the end of the season. His potential is incredible. After the safety car, in just four laps he outdistanced his rivals of more than 9 sec

Jean-Eric Vergne 9 – The driver of Toro Rosso is looking for a seat for 2015. He made an exceptional race, achieving a 6th place behind only the top drivers

Fernando Alonso 8 – Once again, he proved what he’s made of. Even driving with certainly many thoughts in his head, he brought Ferrari very close to Red Bull during both tests and race, but without incredible distances from Mercedes’ dreadnought

Daniel Ricciardo 8 – Even if he didn’t start perfectly, he was able to win the podium, in spite of some technical car problems

Felipe Massa 8 – He knew how to react to an unluckily start of the season and he’s deserving the reconfirm for 2015, putting himself behind his team-mate

Pastor Maldonado 7 – He struggled with his teeth to bring a lacking car to the finish line, fighting on equal terms with Bottas on Williams

Kimi Raikkonen 6 – Vote of encouragement. Once again, he had to give way to his team-mate, closing the race with fifty seconds to him. This should make us think and reflect on what is in program at Ferrari for 2015

For all the other pilots, we don’t have special considerations; I would give a 10 to the circuit, as a race under floodlights in Singapore is spectacular, also thanks to the Italian technology of DZ Engineering, illuminating the street circuit.