Singapore GP – PREVIEW

This weekend I will be back to the crime scene. In fact, I will be in Singapore, to attend a weekend that promises to be really lively behind the scenes. We still have the Honda variable, on the hunt for a Top Driver. Today there are two drivers, Alonso and Vettel, who have on their desk a contract of McLaren-Honda for next season and have to make a decision. From what it’s realized, Red Bull wouldn’t make a fuss to restrain its pilot, whose destination may not be only at McLaren.

With regards to Ferrari, Marchionne’s era has certainly started uphill. Great nervousness is breathed within the team and there are several decisions to make. Drivers are not calm too. In these days, Mr. Marchionne has confirmed his intention to keep both his drivers, but it becomes difficult to hold back a pilot against his will… Therefore, it’s necessary to be very careful.

As to the race, this Grand Prix seems to be characterized by one more unknown: the weather. For Saturday, in fact, the rain is expected, never seen yet. We hope at least in a dry Sunday; otherwise, it could be a problem.

Pirelli will bring the Super-Soft and Medium compounds, a solution that doesn’t fit perfectly to McLaren, while Ferrari proved to do better with the SS. Of course, Mercedes will be the car to beat, but watch out Red Bull. Twelve months ago, here they did what they wanted, giving also 2″ per lap to the remaining group. If they had to compensate for the engine problem with the chassis, they could come out again. We cannot forget Williams, that’s in constant growth and in fight for the third place of Constructors’ Championship. They confirmed both drivers, giving a signal of continuity and serenity. In the last GP, they has been constantly on the podium.

Ferrari is the team I see most in difficulty. It lacks in drive and engine. With six places occupied by Mercedes’ P.U., only the scraps remain to the outsiders. Toro Rosso and Force India will try to win the last available points. Now, the forces in field and the grid are almost defined, save cataclysms.

Gian Carlo Minardi