Spanish GP – PREVIEW

We are almost at the first quarter of the World Championship, now preparing to get back to Europe, field of the competition until summer (exception done for Montreal).

The teams are preparing to get back on track, three weeks after the race in China. It will be interesting to see what they have been able to achieve in terms of development. Until now, the Circus, stage by stage, has made giant steps regarding the technique. Mercedes’ direct rivals will hardly manage to undermine Hamilton and Rosberg: at the time, the fight is between Ferrari, Red Bull and Force India for the third place.

Undoubtedly, the Spanish Grand Prix will be a weekend full of uncertainty. Behind the W05, we have seen great movement and liveliness. Rumors speak of a Red Bull with several innovations, as well as Ferrari, even though Formula 1 is not very “talkative” this year. There’s more talk about tomorrow, rather than about what happens in the present. We often hear about future regulations – with not really appropriate proposals – trying to distract attention from Research and Development issues.

About this silence and detachment, I’d like to open a parenthesis. Imola has just hosted a sensational show, with over 32,000 fans who literally invaded the “Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit” not to watch a race, but to remember Ayrton Senna – the man and the driver. The good thing is that the audience was mostly composed of young fans, who have not directly experienced Ayrton’s Era. What happened in Imola is the example that fans love to be in contact with their idols: Formula 1 should treasure this experience. The noise – a topic over-discussed in the last weeks – has nothing to do with a decline in interest. Regarding this, Ferrari deserves a 10+ because they showed a very sensitive attitude, approaching the public and getting close to fans. In Imola, I myself have been subject of sympathy, contacts, requests for autographs and photographs as it had never happened during my career in F1.

Going back to Spain, we come from a year in which Ferrari dominated with a first and third place, whereas this year they have to run after and catch up. Let’s see what happens. I myself will be in Barcelona to see this new Formula first-hand, to report the situation at best and to face this new era with you all.