Team Italia Velocità is born: Marciello and Ghiotto team leaders

The latest project of ACI Sport is ready to take off: Nazionale Azzurra Velocità has been officially presented in Verona, at the annual party for the “Italian Car Racing Champions” Awards.

Raffaele Marciello, brand-new test and reserve driver for Sauber team and Trident leader in GP2, and Luca Ghiotto, bearer of Maurizio Salvadori’s team in GP3 Series, are the team leaders of ACI Team Italia, the program that joins the Rally section. Together with Angelo Sticchi Damiani, who is ACI president and FIA vice-president, in the meeting room there was also Gian Carlo Minardi that commented this way the new program on “With Trident, Marciello and Ghiotto, Italia team is become reality. Waiting to turn on the spotlight on 2015, we are still in a transitional phase that celebrates the year just ended. Therefore, in Verona took place the traditional awards ceremony for those who have been able to hold high the name of Italy, awarding our champions”, the manager from Faenza says. “It has been a very interesting weekend, started with the wonderful celebration of Italian ACI 110 years in Palazzo Madama, in Turin, then in Verona”.

Trident Team has an important card to play and I am sure it will play at its 101%. Mr. Salvadori himself said to have two excellent drivers, Marciello and Ghiotto”. Surprises, however, could not be finished. “We would expand the project to a third driver. We’ll see”.

The Adwards has been also the occasion to unveil the new logo of Automobile Club Italia, Sport section. “Extremely important point for the image strongly supported by President Angelo Sticchi Damiani”.