The Individual Races Series, a great success

The Individual Race Series, a competition which follows the regulations of an uphill time trial, had a very successful opening round. This initiative aroused with the aim of making uphill race drivers have a cheap on-track racing experience. The race is contested at the end of the official uphill racing season and offers all those racers who don’t want to garage their car, the opportunity to keep on racing.

39 cars took part in the race, which started with a one-by-one-start. There was a one-minute-break between each start. The race’s winner was Mauro Rampini, who was at the wheel of a very performing Osella-BMW 3.0 car. Rampini is a regular uphill race driver “It’s a very good initiative. You have fun in a safe context and costs are very low. Other races like that will be more than welcome.”

Gian Carlo Minardi was in Magione, too, as the President of the C.S.A.I. Speed sub-committee: “I’m really satisfied with the race. It was an amazing show, which got consent from everywhere. Both teams and drivers were very satisfied with that and they all hope that it will turn into a reality. I want to thank the Magione racetrack’s director Mr. Ezio Sisti for supporting this initiative and arranging the event only within a three weeks’ time”, says Minardi, the event creator, “My intention is to establish a Trofeo for the winter season, during which teams and drivers’ racing activity is usually off. Getting round the “Mario Umberto Borzacchini” circuit, I could observe the participants’ behavior during the race. They made progressions throughout the laps they ran. The mountain’s hidden dangers usually don’t allow drivers neither to express all their potential nor to get the most of their cars’ potential; these two aspects can be well developed on a racetrack. Some problems came up and we have to solve them for the future, however, since it’s a brand new initiative, it is quite normal for it to be like that. The Individual Races Series could be a great opportunity also for those young drivers who have limited financial resources”, ends Minardi.