The long-standing engines issue

Last season will be remembered not just for the Mercedes domain and for Lewis Hamilton’s third world title, but also for the strong debate connected to the supplying of Power-Units, with Red Bull as starring.

After having blamed Renault harshly, Horner & C. have knocked on the doors of Mercedes and Ferrari, obtaining a year dated supplying and the “marching orders” from the president himself Carlos Ghosn. A scarce solution for a team whose purpose is to win, after having dominated the stage for four consecutive seasons and after being away from top position in the last two years. As we know, after hesitation, peace is back (paid weight in gold) between “the soft-drinkers” and the trans-alpine constructor. We have a different situation at Toro Rosso that will host again Ferrari, with a 2015 supply thanks to an exception. ” The client engine supply is a situation with wich I am very familiar. Keeping out the parenthesis of“Modern Engine” break when we fought against official car manufacturers as Ferrari, Honda, and MBW with a private engine built and developed from scratch, we had always had client engines that pay aminimum of 70-80 hp since 1988” Gian Carlo Minardi recalls.

Even in 1991, with Ferrari engines, we were three steps back. Moreover, in those years, to make a great difference were also gasoline and lubricants. We have fought for years to make sure that every manufacturer provided the same engine to every client”. Almost as it has happened since some years, unless exceptions.Before PU, the usage of the same engines had levelled all the performances, and also the private teams were able to obtain great satisfactions, as Brawn Gp has demonstrated” the manager from Faenza continues. With pleasure, however, despite customer engines, we had some satisfactions” as the front row conquered by Martini in 1990 during qualifying in Phoenix, the fourth place in Estoril and the fifth in 2002 in Melbourne achieved by Webber who placed his Minardi PS02 ahead of Toyota despite an Asiatech. On some occasions, we could have been very competitive with an official engine”.