Tomorrow's F1. Carey bets on "Big events". Minardi "We need shorter races"

Step by step, Chase Carey, Formula 1 new face after the acquisition by Liberty Media, unveils the project for the Circus new era. Back from the weekend at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore, in an interview released to the official website of the world championship, Carey talks about “great events” that will affect the whole week before a grand prix.“Singapore is incredible. It is a week-long show. A F1 Grand Prix will have to be part of a greater event, in which cars and drivers will be the core. Cars are amazing, as their technology, but this is not enough”.

Speaking of the market, Liberty Media will bet a lot on Land of Stars and Stripes. “We believe that F1 must reach the great cities of the world like Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

Singapore is the first circuit that has transformed its Grand Prix into an event with shows and attractions throughout the week. Really a good idea that attracts a lot of people, but Formula 1 cannot detach from true and historic circuits like Monza, Silverstone, and Spa-Franchorchamps”,GianCarloMinardi tells us.“Some years ago, circuit fields were assaulted by fans and transformed into campsites with tents and barbecue. Today, unfortunately, this is impossible”. 

Accessory events are absolutely ok, but we should have shorter and more spectacular races, a complete review of the regulations is indispensable. We need clear, fixed rules, accessible also for fans”, the manager from Faenza continues, calling attention on a highly current issue.

How many of us, watching a race, have risked to fall asleep? Singapore, except for the amazing fight between Kvyat-Verstappen, Raikkonen’s overtaking against Hamilton and the last laps with Ricciardo’s (failed) recovery against winner Rosberg, was endless, soporific.

In the US, sports federations, from Basket to Nascar and Indy, are making a study about the indifference of young people for sports, who require faster events. In the next years, this crisis will also involve soccer. Ninety minutes are too many for a match”, Minardi concludes adding “The World is changing. In the last 10 years, the US, the percentage of new licensed people has passed from 73% to 45%. It is an important signal about what is attractive for today’s young people and about how their habits change”.