United States GP – Drivers’ Scorecard

Austin’s circuit is one of the most technical circuit of latest generation and it allowed us to attend a considerable Grand Prix and to evaluate reasonably well all values in the field. Besides, there have been penalties related to the use of new Power-Unit.

Mercedes – 10 They certainly deserve the highest-ever vote of the weekend, both for performances and for how they’re managing the internal fight between Hamilton and Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg – 9  Sensational race and Qualifying. Qualities and “defects” of both of them balance out. One wins the pole and the other takes the Win

Daniel Ricciardo – 9 Race with outstanding overtakings. He is always very aggressive and confirms to be the most pleasant surprise of this season. He is an authentic team-leader. 65-points lead over the four-times World Champion the first year in a top team, they aren’t a few.

Felipe Massa – 8,5 He took advantage 100% of  Williams’ potential, although, once again, he has been penalized by a pit-stop that his team-mates didn’t allowed him. Bad luck seems to not want to abandon him

Jean-Eric Vergne 8 Despite the uncertain future, he races brilliantly, getting the most and bringing important points to Toro Rosso

Fernando Alonso – 8 He is the only real weapon of Ferrari. He managed to stay ahead of Sebastian Vettel and showed what he is made of. He remains the number 1

Sebastian Vettel – 7 Great recovery. From pit-lane to the seventh place. He is in trouble with this car, but he wants to clarify that he arrive in Ferrari thanks to his value

Valtteri Bottas – 6,5 Honestly, I didn’t like him on this occasion. He was not the usual Bottas, perky and aggressive

Sergio Perez – 5 I don’t understand him at all. This is not the first time he make such mistake of this kind and the facial expression of his Team Principal says it all. He was certainly not satisfied

Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen – 5 It’s necessary to see if it is their or car’s fault. McLaren is certainly one of those cars, like Ferrari, that doesn’t shallow certain compounds

Kimi Raikkonen – N.D Ruthless comparison with his team-mate, both for points and for positions. He has never been in the race. He cannot solve his problems and this is not a good sign, considering a future perspective

Now, we will see what will happen in less than seven days in Brazil, the penultimate round of the World Championship. The “end” word may come.

Gian Carlo Minardi