United States GP – PREVIEW

In virtue of Caterham and Marussia’s forfeit, the adoption of third car will be the subject of meetings during the Grand Prix at Austin, third to last round of the Formula 1 World Championship.

Arranging a third car is not so simple and obvious, because, besides the cost, it also requires precise organization in terms of manpower and logistics. It’s necessary to weight up at 100% all Pros and Cons of such operation, to avoid finding oneself in similar situations, with excessive increase of costs that are ruining not only to the two “Cinderellas”. We have at least one other team navigating dangerous waters. Unlike Caterham’s situation, Marussia has an interesting business card, resulting from the current ninth place in Constructors’ Standings (before Sauber and Caterham), which would be tuned into money at the end of the season. Of course, it’ll be necessary to size up all the way the state of health. Getting to controlled administration three GP from the end is not a good sign. It have also to be considered what are the terms of the “bonus” granted by Mr. Ecclestone, in order not to lose the rights obtained through the current ninth place.

There are too many irons in the fire and I hope that it’s high time to sit around a table to evaluate difficulties and find solutions, to save this sick F1. There’s need of the right antidote, to give new lifeblood and vitality to the environment.

With regards to this Grand Prix, Austin is certainly one of the more technical and valid circuits (among those of latest generation). It will lead to inflamed competition, in which 2 pit-stops are expected, having at disposal Medium and Soft. So, we return to talk about strategies, which are the missed ingredient in Russia. Little to say at Mercedes. Won the Constructors’ title, Mercedes should just figure out who will be its champion. Open fight between Lewis and Nico, where each one has a specific purpose: trying to close the gap in the case of the German and widen it, to be less vulnerable in Abu Dhabi, in case of the English. Behind them, there’s the race for third place, while, among constructors, the challenge for Constructors’ third and fourth places will fire up, with a three-fight: Williams, Ferrari, McLaren. We expect a second/third row in ferment.

Considering the market, the arrival of third car could move even more the environment. To date, four seats are missing, as well as many drivers that will try to propose themselves again, also putting pressure on their budgets. Taking that I do not like the idea of  “third car”, I hope at least that it should be entrusted to young drivers to keep growing. Meanwhile, in recent weeks Nico Hulkenberg has been confirmed at Force India, one of the teams of second category, certainly more appealing.

Gian Carlo Minardi