Video, F1 | Gian Carlo Minardi presents the new season

After an almost bottomless silence three months long, Formula 1 is ready to make the news in Melbourne, first stage of 21 world events. We are in suspense to verify Barcelona’s results that have showed us a competitive Ferrari. We have to study the real potential of Mercedes. Behind them, I wish I could watch an amazing row. 

The season starts uphill due to some situation like that at Sauber and Force India heavily penalized by a difficult economic situation. The Swiss group, even if late, managed to pay wages to its employees, while tycoon Vijay Mallya is facing Indian justice. There are still many unknowns on the front of rules because they have still not reached an agreement. These kind of delays prevents other car manufacturers to approach.

Mercedes and Ferrari

In few days, we’ll know if Niki Lauda’s announcements are just pre-tactical or not. The President of Mercedes speaks about a powerful Ferrari, only 2-3 tenths of seconds from the German “battleship”. The SF16-H proved to be very performing on race pace, but i think that Mercedes has hidden itself.

A possible surprise

Behind Mercedes and Ferrari, I expect a fight between Williams and Red Bull for the third place in the throne of the world championship. Behind them, there are several stables that will fight till the end in the first races with the aim to collect as much points as possible and build their final standings. Scuderia Toro Rosso could be a surprise. I liked it a lot during the eight testing days and I trust both the team and its two young drivers, Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jr. Already last year they had proved to have a good car slowed by some problems in their trans-alpine power unit. With the Ferrari unit (2015 edition) they have made a lot of km.

The new qualifying

They are the only change (along with the Violet Ultra Soft tires of Pirelli) after much talk and meetings. As a passionate of this sport, I do not see it as a positive change even if it can be a different way to approach pole position and a way to attract young people. Anyway, drivers’ abilities and the qualities of the cars will not be the only ingredients for excelling. Fortunately, also weather conditions, the possible mistakes in strategy and traffic will enter in play. Surely, we have to watch this novelty from Saturday at 6:00.