WSK Super Master Series | At Sarno Andrea Kimi Antonelli confirmed that he is a protagonist

Two weeks after his authoritative win on the La Conca track, Andrea Kimi Antonelli confirmed that he is one of the protagonists of the WSK Super Master Series.

On Naples’ International track during the round that had been cancelled due to snow Energy Corse’s flag bearer greeted the weekend with a win in the Pre Final after having won third place in the Qualifying heats which was the fruit of a first and a second place in the Eliminatory Heats, together with a fifth and the ninth position won in the first and last rounds respectively.

In the Final the young driver of Bologna made himself the protagonist on a good struggle with Stenshome and crossed the finishing line in third place, but the race marshals punished the driver’s actions with a 5” penalty which took him hack to ninth place.

“The weekend began with some difficulties, but continued with steady growth with a win in the Pre Final that was not easy and third place in the Final. Unfortunately the struggle with Stenshome was considered irregular and therefore a five second penalty was inflicted. In a week’s time we must have a perfect weekend in order to finish in the best was possible a championship in which Andrea was constantly the lead player,” commented Giovanni Minardi and Alberto Tonti.

In a week’s time Andrea Kimi Antonelli will be in action once more in Naples’ International Circuit for the fourth and final appointment of the WSK Super Master Series where he will be in second place on the ladder with a gap of eight points from top place.

Foto: Energy Corse/KSP