WSK Super Master Series | Karol Basz’s extraordinary weekend at Sarno

In the Sarno international circuit, the setting for the last appointment of the WSK Super Master Series, Karol Basz made for himself the perfect weekend. There is no other adjective to describe the achievement the Kosmic Racing Team’s Polish driver in the “OK”. Six wins in as many stages, starting with 4 coups in the respective qualifying Heats (with as many fastest laps in the races) that gave him pole in the pre final.

Inserted into Group A the Minardi Management standard bearer carried on his roll, showing cool headedness and determination and a special feeling for the track booking the overall victory by making his also mark in the pre final.

Starting from second place Karol slipped to fourth place but like a power hammer he quickly won back the leadership, leaving to his rivals only the satisfaction of the fastest lap. Thanks to this latest win Karol climbed the final championship ladder finishing the season in second place overall.

This was an excellent calling card in view of the first round of the European CKIK-FIA scheduled for two weeks time on the very same Neapolitan track.

”I dominated the whole weekend with four wins in the Heats and wins in the pre final and the final. We did a good job and we are ready for the first European race,” said a satisfied Karol.

“I am excited by what Karol did today. He is a true kart-hammer. I always said that he was the most complete driver in the karting world and today we had the latest proof. Clear headed and precise in every occasion. He was the protagonist of an exceptional weekend. Everything went perfectly. Well done Karol and well done to everyone in the Kosmic Racing Team. It’s no secret that our objective is both European and world wide,” commented Alberto Tonti.

“Once more he showed he is the driver to beat. I am happy for the weekend, above all in light of the first European race which will be run here at Sarno. It’s no secret that we’re aiming for the European-World double,” commented Giovanni Minardi.