F1 | Gp Brazil, THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi “Ocon, mistake or strategy?”

Lewis Hamilton won the Brazil Grand Prix and Mercedes celebrated the world championship at the end of a weekend conditioned by a number of episodes. The race marshals once again used very different judgments and I certainly do not agree with Saturday’s decisions during qualifying when Hamilton should have surely have been punished since twice he created dangerous situations

I take note of FIA’s decision, without sharing it. During the race we saw another very serious episode between Ocon and Verstappen that cost Red Bull’s driver the win, in favour of Mercedes. It was a very serious episode since in that moment the driver of Racing Point Force India with the Mercedes engine was about to be lapped by the Dutchman and had the blue flag. Furthermore, we are talking about a driver in Mercedes’ orbit. These episodes make me think.

The grand prix gave us Red Bull in great shape, above all in consideration of the 2019 season hoping that it will be worthily backed up by the Honda motor.

On the Ferrari front, it was a race that showed both the positive sides that came out during the season and the negative since the race was not exempt of mistakes. We put away the twentieth and penultimate round of the world championship with Raikonnen on the podium and, above all, Leclerc’s excellent result (seventh at the finish) that is certainly a good sign for his next challenge with the “red” racing suit. Above all, in qualifying he showed that he has the character and the maturity to manage even the most difficult situations.

Gian Carlo Minardi