Alarm bell for Caterham

On the occasion of the launch of the 2014 line-up (Kamui Kobayashi and Marcus Ericsson will race respectively with number #10 and number #9), the founder of the English-Malaysian team Tony Fernandes, announced that, if the team doesn’t score important points throughout the 2014 season, it will probably quit F1.

Caterham joined F1 Championship in 2010 with the name of Lotus Racing, before becoming Caterham in 2012. Since the team has been racing in the top series for five years, Fernandes expects it to score the first points. The Malaysian entrepreneur doesn’t want his team to be at the bottom of the standing any more “If the team keeps on holding bottom positions in the standing, we’ll leave F1. After 5 seasons in the F1 Championship, I expect the team to score the first points. It makes no sense to continue to hold the bottom positions”, says Fernandes “There’s a limit to patience, motivation and money”

The English-Malaysian team joined the Circus along with HRT and Marussia. At the end of 2012, HRT had already raised the white flag.