Alfa Romeo is arranging its return. Minardi "It would be great"

Alfa Romeo possible return to racing, announced by Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne during the year-end press conference, did not surely go unnoticed rekindling fans’ passion.

The so called “Big snake” has a glorious past in Motorsport, from F1 World Championship to Touring car race with Nicola Larini’s successes in 90s DTM. Those were the golden years of Italian Motorsport, during which the team from Turin was engaged on all fronts: F1 with Ferrari, Rally and prototypes with Lancia, and Touring with Alfa Romeo, without forgetting MaseratiGian Carlo Minardi consulted by comments about a possible Alfa Romeo return to races.Surely, their come back would be terrific and an important news. I keep sustaining that Sports is the best means for a brand promotion. Even the most distracted young remembers Lancia success in the Rally World Championship with Delta or Nicola Larini’s seals under the wheel of his 155. Thanks to these programs, our boys then found a way towards professionalism. Drivers like Larini, Nannini and Pratese are the result of that kind of experiences. I can evaluate an Alfa Romeo return to races only in a positive way”.

Giulia, their last creature that will enter the market from 2016 has been launched in recent months. Along with Ferrari, the group from Turin has been conquering the scene with Abarth, thanks to a partnership with Formula 4 that saw his debut precisely in Italy two years ago with a project made in Italy thanks to Tatuus frames and Pirelli tyres.As ACI’ we have been the first in the world to believe in FIA project linked to new Formula 4, and we have created a very strong product. Until now, F4 is the most important championship numerically speaking, and 2016 data are astounding. Abarth is a brand that attracts attention, so much than in Germany national F4 is the only race that includes a not German group. We must be proud of that” the manager from Faenza concludes.